Introducing TimeWorksTouch, an intelligent, interactive time clock offering the latest in time clock technology with industry-proven, cloud-based time and attendance services. Simplify workforce management with timekeeping and employee scheduling.

  • Biometric Reader
  • Proximity card support
  • 7-inch color Touchscreen
  • Break tracking
  • Schedule enforcement
  • Wi-Fi enabled, battery backup & off-line mode
  • On-site registration



Why Consider Automated Timekeeping?

  • Cut Labor Costs: Eliminate punch approximations
  • Reduce Clerical Costs: Reduce human error, cut administrative time
  • Improve Employee Habits: Eliminate "buddy punching," reduce late arrival/early departures
  • Employer Compliance: Labor dispute protection, department of labor compliance
  • Employee Accountability: Track salary & hourly employees, punctuality, increase productivity
  • Convenience: Eliminate paperwork, access records immediately online
  • Supervisor Visibility: Track employee behavior, improve staff coverage tools, view by employee
  • Scheduling: View, plan then track - improve labor coverage strategy
  • Employee Morale: Eliminate burden of tracking time, ensure payroll accuracy
  • Manage Growth: Control costs, manage staff

The Savings:

  • Cut and control labor costs
  • Reduce time it takes to process payroll
  • Eliminate estimated punch times
  • Minimize payroll errors
  • Eliminate manual calculations
  • Prevent costly "buddy punching"
  • Streamline end-to-end payroll process
  • Increase employee accountability & productivity
  • Stay compliant with Department of Labor

Why Our Solution?

  • Save on cost
  • Plug-and-play hardware
  • Products Specific for all Industries
  • Easy "1-2-3" interface
  • Go live in days, not weeks
  • Exceptional ease: Get trained in minutes
  • Practical timekeeping solution
  • Streamline timekeeping and payroll
  • Limited lifetime warranty on hardware

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Key Features:

  • Edit multiple time cards simultaneously
  • Holiday tracking
  • Job code, department, location, shift tracking
  • Daily Auto Email Report
  • iPhone "Employee Status Utility" app. View who is "IN/OUT"
  • Supervisor logins
  • Custom tracking for tips, bonuses, commissions, pay rates, etc.
  • Custom pay types/categories
  • Automate overtime calculation & tracking
  • Sort and filter reports
  • Punch data collection - Web portal, proximity cards or key fobs, swipe cards (magnetic or barcode compatible), biometric scan, PIN entry, phone, or combination
  • Complete online solution
  • Ethernet, analog or cellular connectivity
  • Custom punch rounding rules
  • Custom file formats-select from many existing payroll file formats or develop your own

Hardware Highlights:

TimeClock and WebClock offer a valuable solution with exceptional user ease from setup to day-to-day use. These solutions can be used separately or simultaneously on a single account. PrintReader enables biometric verification to be added to a TimeClock unit, eliminating the costly expense of employee "buddy punching." Finally, the FlexClock series includes additional time tracking devices that off­er real-time data transmission with the flexibility of multiple collection methods.

  • Simple setup
  • Biometric verification
  • Ethernet connectivity-real-time
  • Proximity badge support
  • Bell Support
  • Hand geometry biometrics
  • Mag stripe badge support
  • Bar code support
  • Cellular connectivity
  • PIN entry
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Wall-mount support